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Born today date: 16-Sep-2019
 CHIDAMBARAM, P (Tamil Nadu, India)  16 sep

Born in this month of SEPTEMBER
 BHARDWAJ, ASHUTOSH (New Delhi, 91)  SEP 01
 BISWAS, JYOTARMYA (Delhi, India)  SEP 02
 KUMAR, AJAY (Delhi, 91)  SEP 15
 CHIDAMBARAM, P (Tamil Nadu, India)  SEP 16
 AZMI, SHABANA (Andhra Pradesh, India)  SEP 18
 VERMA, GOPAL (Delhi, 91)  SEP 18
 GUPTA, BOBBY (Delhi, 91)  SEP 21
 ARORI, SHEWETA (Delhi, India)  SEP 23
 SINGH, MANMOHAN (Punjab, 91)  SEP 26
 MANGESHKAR, LATA (Delhi, India)  SEP 28
 JAIN, SUMEET (Delhi, 91)  SEP 28
 SINGH, BHAGAT (Delhi, India)  SEP 28
 SAXENA, RAKESH (delhi, 91)  SEP 30

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